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About Us

About Hartlepool Men's Shed and the whole Shed movement!

So, what is a Men's Shed? The answer may appear obvious - a place for males to make and mend things, a larger version of your typical garden shed! Well, that`s true, but they are much more than that. They are equally about reducing isolation, helping people to make friends and improving health and well-being. Sheds are fine places to share a problem - hence the suggestion men prefer to talk 'shoulder to shoulder'.

Men's Sheds originated in the 1990's in Australia, where there are now over 500. The Shed movement subsequently crossed the waters and now there is the UKMSA, the United Kingdom Men's Shed Association, whose current chairperson, Mike Jenn, spoke at a public meeting in Hartlepool in August 2014 to help launch the idea of having a Hartlepool Shed. The response was very positive and sixteen months on we are now putting the finishing touches to the first ever Shed for the town following an exhaustive search of potential sites and a fund-raising campaign to equip the facility and pay for its running costs. Hartlepool NDC Trust has been most supportive - its offer of the former Oz centre in Osborne Road meets the bill perfectly for the strict conditions we laid down for the Shed.

Men's Shed Premises

It had to be close to bus routes, have easy, ground floor access, have free parking (no mean feat in central Hartlepool!), be affordable in terms of running costs so that as far as possible we could guarantee it`s future for many years to come, and be close to a pie shop (only joking!). Over £14,000 was raised by Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency, who also helped set the group up. Currently we are on the lookout for tools, especially hand tools and gardening tools - should you have any redundant ones we'll gladly take them. We will collect.

We would also like to mention some of the Organizations and Companys that have enabled The Shed to open.


Balinger Trust

Big Lottery Fund

George Springer (Councillor)

Hadrian Trust

Hospital of God

Postcode Lottery

Sir John Knott Trust

Jonathan Brash(Councillor)

Ged Hall(Councillor)

John Lauderdale(Councillor)

Thirteen Group

Tees Valley Commumity Trust

RVS/Asda Shed Fund 


We have also been given support by Hartlepool New Deal in the Community, MKM Building Materials, Fixings and Fastenings, The Toolbox, and many individuals who have donated equipment and tools.

The Shed opened for business on March 15th 2016, initially on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Due to the increased demand the Shed is now open on Wednesdays as well


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