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Charges and Joining

what costs are there for being part of the Men's Shed?


After much deliberation we’ve come up with what we feel is a simple yet fair charging policy: £18 a year a membership fee and just £2 for each time you use the Shed. For this you get free parking, free refreshments, and access to high quality gear and even (some) free materials. What could be better?

 Hartlepool Men's Shed membership application policy regarding health and safety.

 The applicant needs to comply with the health and safety rules that includes being able to communicate and understand the requirements of the verbal and written instructions when being at the Hartlepool Mens's Shed in relation to the health, safety and welfare of the applicant and the other members at the shed.

 The applicant needs to be independent of support, is aware of the potential safety implications to themselves and other members when using power and hand operated tools that can easily cause very serious injuries or death to themselves or others.

 Examples of tools in this environment include:

Power Tools: Planers, drills, sanders, jigsaws, routers.

 Fixed Power Tools: Piller drills, scroll saw, lathe, planer/thicknesser, chop saw and table saw and grindstones.

Hand Tools: Chisels, screwdrivers, hammers and various saws.

The Hartlepool Men's Shed management committee may refuse a membership application that could expose the applicant or others to serious injuries or death because of the inherent possibility and exposure to the Men's Shed environment workplace with dangerous tools, which by their very nature of the organisation cannot be removed.

 Further, there’ll be free health advice from trained professionals - but only if you would like it. 

So, what could I make? Well, that`s up to you! Anything from a picture frame to a bicycle, from a garden bench to a doll’s house. You could make stuff for yourself or for ‘the community’ e.g.  A school or elderly persons’ home. The choice is yours.

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